Weekly Food Fun

Happy Weekly Food Fun To You!

Chicken Pot Pie – so cozy in cold weather.  I was happy to find this easy recipe for Mini Chicken Pot Pies. 

The benefit of mini pot pies is you can change the recipe to accommodate family likes.   I did add carrot, I wanted to add sweet peas, although as usual out of them.  And, added garlic powder, onion powder instead of onion, the broccoli and carrots were chopped really fine.  I don’t like biting into a big bite of veggie and nothing else.  So, everything finely chopped means for every bite with full flavor.


Shrimp Scampi – a yummy treat when we have it.  Although I have made it from scratch which has been good, this was a package deal.  I cook the noodles, a must for us.  Then cook the scampi package and I add extra shrimp.  Our bread addition this week was leftover’s, The Cow Pie from a local pizza shop, The Hub.  I ordered two on pizza night, not realizing how big they were.  So for Scampi night I dressed it up a bit with butter and garlic when I re-heated it.


Chicken and Rice –  a super easy meal.  Cook the rice per the package, I cooked the chicken with garlic, salt, pepper, poultry seasoning, then add a little stock with cream of chicken soup.  Pour it over the rice.  Simple yet satisfying meal for the family.

chicken and riceAlways enjoy the fun of food!


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