Weekly Food Fun

Happy Weekly Food Fun to You!
With Christmas last week we did have some special food fun treats.

Christmas Eve Dinner

A few years ago I started making seafood dinner on Christmas Eve.  Generally a couple types of shrimp and fish.
This year we had a treat, instead of salmon I smoked trout that my husband caught this fall.  I marinated it overnight, then stuffed it with limes (generally use lemons, but I forgot to buy some and all I had was limes)  and herbs and put it happily into the smoker.
smoked trout

Shrimp scampi over noodles is always on the menu.  Butter, butter, butter, garlic, garlic, garlic, oh so good.

shrimp scampi

Lobster tails were a treat this year, thanks to our local store having a nice sale on them. I also found a new recipe in place of the boil method. Although I did forgot to look it up in time to marinate like it said, I still got about 30 minutes in. Cut tails up the middle, marinate in oil, lemon juice, garlic and parsley for 2-4 hours. Grill on oiled pan about 4 minutes each side. Since I was short on the marinade, I cooked them in butter, lemon juice and garlic.

And finally, there must be some sort of garlic bread. My ultimate favorite is Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits, I am so thrilled they sell the mix in stores now, the package mix really is good. We live about an hour away from a Red Lobster, so I am happy to use the mix to get my biscuit fix.
cheddar bay biscuits

Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Brunch

This was a family tradition when I was little.  I would get up, well actually my parents had to wake me up Christmas morning.  They would wait as long as they could stand it for me to wake up, which I didn’t, so they would wake me.    I am a sleeper, that is just how it is, I love to sleep.  And, now that I have a son,  I am proud to say that he is a sleeper too.  My husband and I woke up about 10:30 Christmas morning,  I started brunch preparations, went into our sons room for the first wake up call and opening the blinds.  Then my husband went in for the second wake up call to make sure he got up.
The tradition is after presents are opened then family comes over for family presents and brunch.  It was a beautiful snowy Christmas this year, although the downside of that was it wasn’t safe to travel in, so our families couldn’t have the brunch in the same house.  We knew we were going to get snow, so my Mom and I split up the food during the week so both families had what we needed for brunch even if we had to be on opposite sides of town to celebrate.
Our traditional brunch is steak, mushrooms, fried potatoes, ham and cheese scrambled eggs and garlic bread.  I have changed it a little as I have grown and found some new favorite recipes.  Instead of fried potatoes I make cheesy hash browns.  And I add creamed spinach.

Christmas Brunch Always enjoy the fun of Food and Family!

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