Weekly Food Fun – Pork Loin

Happy early food fun to you!

With Thanksgiving next week, my weekly food fun post on Tuesday is going to be my favorite  Thanksgiving recipes, and tips I have learned along my journey with Thanksgiving Food Fun.

Although, I didn’t want to miss posting on a Weekly Food Fun meal, so here it is.

This weeks food fun finale was Pork Loin, with fresh apples, onions, and potatoes I just picked up from a Riley’s Farm Delivery. They are a local Utah Farm, and I am thrilled they do what they do.  I know if something didn’t work out in my garden, or I need a bulk order they will have great local / regional produce I can order periodically though the season to be delivered to our city.


A pork loin roast is really good,  and not something we have very often.  So, I have been saving it for that special day.  That sounds good doesn’t it…  actually, it was lost in the back of the freezer.  At first I knew what it was, so I wanted to save it.  Then, passed it by not realizing what it was, then finally the day came, oh wow! I forgot about this.  I have fresh onions, potatoes and apples coming, perfect.

First step, melt lard, butter, and garlic in the skillet.. cast iron should be your first choice if you have it.  Then I added sliced onions and a little salt.  Then pepper and sliced apples.  Time to sear the pork loin.  Once seared I add about a 1/4 cup of Marsala, simmer while I am mixing a cream gravy (yes I used a packet)  pour that in the skillet, stir and put into the oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or until the pork is done.

cheesy scalloped potatoesThe side dish was a first for me,  cheesy scalloped potatoes.

I have always made them from a box.. I know..I know, ewww for many.  I do like easy sides, even though I know they may not be the best, sometimes they are the best for an easy dinner.  Although, now that I have finally made these, not going back to the box.  In addition, I got a fun new tool this week to make the dish even easier, a mandolin.  I really don’t know why I never purchased one before,  it is inexpensive, and makes beautiful tiny onion and potato slices. I will certainly enjoy this little tool more and more.

I got the motivation to try the potatoes from a facebook page I like, Cast Iron Cooking, the members share some beautiful food pics and so many new ideas for me to try. I got the recipe from my trusty Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. It was a gift for my wedding many, many years ago.  Even after all this time, several homes, a few different states and new technology to find so many amazing variations of recipes online, I still go to this book. Sometimes the basics are all we need, except for garlic, we should always add garlic.

pork loin and cheesy scalloped potatoes

Enjoy the Fun of Food!


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