Happy New Year 2016!

  Happy New Year 2016! Always enjoy the fun of life.

Good Morning Thursday – New Years Eve 2015

Good Morning Smiles induced by a fresh tomato in December, and New Years Eve!

Weekly Food Fun

Happy Weekly Food Fun to You! With Christmas last week we did have some special food fun treats.

Photo Friday – Merry Christmas

Happy Photo Friday to you, along with Merry Christmas.

Good Morning Thursday!

Good morning smiles induced by Christmas Eve. A good morning Thursday without food, although there are sparkles and a snowman. Merry Christmas to you!  

Weekly Food Fun – Cookies

Life takes its twist and turns, its smiles and trials.

Photo Friday – Frosty Morning

We have had a cold snow filled week. It makes for a beautiful view, and of course snow fun for the kids.

Good Morning Thursday!

Good Morning Smiles induced by my son’s breakfast sandwich. The Meatinator! Ham, Sausage, Cheese, Egg on an english muffin.  It is yummy.

Smiles and Trials of the Day – Freezing my eggs

Trials; I can’t find my cookie recipes!

Smiles of the day – Elk

There are no trials of the day with Elk Steaks and Cast Iron.

Weekly Food Fun

Happy Weekly Food Fun To You! Chicken Pot Pie – so cozy in cold weather.  I was happy to find this easy recipe for Mini Chicken Pot Pies. 

Photo Friday

I am pretty much picture taking crazy, my cats even know the beep of the camera focusing and come out to see what I am looking at.

Good Morning Thursday!

Good morning smiles induced by French Toast drizzled with honey butter and sprinkled with extra cinnamon. Enjoy the fun of food – especially when honey butter is involved.

Weekly Food Fun – Thanksgiving Leftovers

Happy Weekly Food Fun to you! With Thanksgiving last week, this week was filled with leftovers.  I love Thanksgiving leftovers.  Firstly, Turkey. Secondly, the main part of the meal is already cooked, add some sides, or mix it… Read More

Sushi Sunday – December 2015

The First Sunday of the month is here.  Which means Sushi Sunday. A trip to our local favorite Sushi Restaurant, Ninja.   And, a fun twist for those of you that don’t like Sushi.

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