Daily Recipe Find – Mediterranean Style Homemade Vegetable Soup

In the middle of winter soup is always a good choice.  This recipe is loaded with wonderful vegetables.  A winter treat to get you thinking about summer harvests.  Enjoy! Recipe Here:  Mediterranean Style Homemade Vegetable Soup

Daily Recipe Find – Mason Jar Zucchini Pasta Salad

I really think I could just drink this dressing.  I love avocado, and paired with all of the veggies and zucchini spirals, very tasty.  I also like making the salads like this in the mason jars.   I… Read More

Daily Recipe Find – Turkey Meatloaf with Zucchini and Feta

It is that time of year I am looking for new ways to use my zucchini.  This looks to be a tasty one, although I never have ground turkey and always have chicken.  I am going to grind… Read More

Farm To Fork at Red Acre Farm CSA – 2016

“THE MOST DIRECT JOURNEY FOOD CAN EVER MAKE IS FROM A FARMER’S HAND TO YOURS” It is August, which means it is time for Farm to Fork Dinner at Red Acre Farm CSA 2322 West 4375 North Cedar City,… Read More

Daily Recipe Find – Zucchini Onion Pie

My zucchini is in full production, a little issue with squash bugs, although I am hopeful they are under control now.  Well, hopeful they are all dead now. This is a tasty looking recipe and really easy,  mix… Read More

Weekly Food Fun – June 15th

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Weekly Food Fun

Well, this was definitely a week of Smiles and Trials. The Smiles, taking my son to a pumpkin patch for the first time.

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