Daily Recipe Find – One Skillet Mediterranean Chicken

I enjoy finding recipes with meats other than chicken, but the fact remains that chicken is always in my freezer and other meats not so much.  So it is fun when I find a chicken recipe that includes… Read More

Sushi Sunday – December 2016

Sushi Sunday time again! This month was my own sushi adventure. I didn’t have a wide variety of supplies, although sometimes simplicity still works out tasty.

Daily Recipe Find – Thanksgiving – Casseroles

Thanksgiving is my ultimate cooking Holiday.  And why not, I love cooking, I love sharing my cooking and being thankful, spending time with family and friends. Casseroles are generally easy cooking adventures, throw this and that in a… Read More

Daily Recipe Find – Thanksgiving – Slow Cooker Green Bean Casserole

I am saving time and my sanity by cooking as many things in the slow cooker as I can.  Green bean casserole is a standard for our Thanksgiving dinners.  Here is an easy recipe in the slow cooker… Read More

Daily Recipe Find – 10 Tasty “freezer dump” Crock Pot Recipes

Having an easy dinner ready to go into the crock pot is a great thing, especially if it is dump and go ready.  Sadly as much as I say how good this idea is I haven’t done this… Read More

Daily Recipe Find – Mujadara: Lentils and Rice with Crispy Onions

I have yet to conquer lentils, they just turn out plain and bad.  I need to give them another try with this recipe, it takes some time, although sounds really good. Recipe Here:  Mujadara:  Lentils and Rice with… Read More

Daily Recipe Find – Mediterranean Tuna Salad with a Zesty Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette

This salad is loaded with layers of flavors, from mint, olives, radishes and much more.  Plus an easy fresh vinaigrette. Recipe Here:  Mediterranean Tuna Salad with a Zesty Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette

Good Morning Thursday – April 7th – Gravy

Good Morning Thursday to you! Good morning smiles induced by gravy!   Yes, there is some food under the gravy. When I am craving cream gravy I really have no control. Ham and cheese scrambled eggs, cheese covered… Read More

Good Morning Thursday – Asparagus Omelet

Good Morning Thursday to You! Good morning smiles induced by asparagus. It is still all over the stores, even my asparagus is alive and growing in the garden. I had to do a loaded omelet, cheese, tater tots,… Read More

Snow Day Breakfast!

Snow day here in Southern Utah, so I had to make a cozy breakfast. A stove full of cast iron is a beautiful thing! We really didn’t just have breakfast, we had it earlier, well at least close… Read More

Weekly Food Fun – Pork Loin

Happy early food fun to you! With Thanksgiving next week, my weekly food fun post on Tuesday is going to be my favorite  Thanksgiving recipes, and tips I have learned along my journey with Thanksgiving Food Fun. Although,… Read More

Weekly Food Fun

Weekly Food Fun Wishes to You! This past week was more of a preparation week than a cooking week.  Working with some special people on a new gaming website to launch soon, and needing to get Thanksgiving preparations… Read More

Weekly Food Fun

Happy Food Fun to You! This week brought our first snow of the season.  It didn’t last but it did snow, so I had to follow my annual tradition of chili and cornbread for dinner.

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