BBQ Smoked Ribs

So, if you like ribs, there isn’t much more that needs to be said to get your mouth watering and your mind spinning on how, where and when you can get your hands on some.  

It is a cut of meat that I truly love, but have never just jumped into cooking them.  Why?   Well, if they are done correct they are amazing.   And if done wrong?  Well, I hate to spend money on food and have it turn out inedible.   So I have been patently doing my research and got my nerve up just cooking a couple small batches to test things out.  This past weekend was finally a full batch.

Let it begin, the dry rub: dry rub on ribs

I let them sit, for about 20 minutes while the rub is happily chilling out and the smoker is warming up.

Now it is time for the smoker.

The rub infused nicely into the ribs. The apple chips smoking away.  Added little water and apple juice in the bottom of the pan, time to tuck them in for a few hours.  225 degrees, total time was about 4 hours.


Next in line, the BBQ sauce.

I have nothing against store bought sauce, we have some in the fridge.  Although, for a meal that takes the day to prep and cook low and slow for several hours, I have to make my own.  A combination of a recipe from Melissa d’Arabian from Food Network and my own favourite spices and additions.  I can never follow a recipe, and if it doesn’t have garlic; well yes, it must be added.

bbq sauce

Ok, so now all the prep is done, the smell of the smoker lightly filling the area on the back porch with a wonderful smell, so now what to do?     Sit on the back porch, feet up and take pictures of the birds out back.  Peak-a-boo I see you says Mr. Dove.  No Mr. Dove you do not see me; I am a shadow, a statue, a chair.  Now, my arms are really getting tired, please fly out of the tree so I can get the beautiful picture I am envisioning in my mind.  Well, yes he really did see me and flew to the back of the tree so no pretty picture of him with the Juniper tree as a backdrop.dove in juniper

And finally!  They are complete, the last 30 minutes drizzled on some of the BBQ sauce, and ready to enjoy.

bbq ribs finished

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  1. So delicious looking, it makes me want to go right out and buy some Baby Back Ribs to smoke!!! Just knowing the dove was toying with you to hide from being photographed makes the view of the Juniper tree so sweet! Keep on grilling 🙂

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