Don’t Follow the Distraction

Don’t follow the distraction, follow your heart and soul.

The distractions are like ink in water. At first we can see past the ink into life. We see no issues because slow changes tend to be ignored.  Before we know it the ink and water merge together into a grey fog. We loose ourselves in the greyness

 I believe we are loosing our physical selves into a computer persona.

Our world has evolved to be so bound by technology with less influence on the physical connections.   The technology is amazing and scary at the same time. We are saving lives with the technological advances that even just a few years ago would have been lost.  Although that is the good side, there are always two sides.

We seem to judge ourselves unrealistically on the pop and publicity.

For a select few their jobs and livelihood rely on the technology, pop and publicity.  Which is truly amazing.  They have fans all over the world that they can connect to in an instant.
For the rest of us?  Why are we judging ourselves on how many followers we have, how many likes we have? How many comments we get, how many shares we get?  What about the people that are standing right in front of us?   I truly love the technology to be able to see a family member or old friend from across the country.  To just say a short line, or “like” a comment posted.  It truly does keep a connection and it makes us feel good, then we should move on.  

There is so much life right in front of us, don’t be distracted from it.
Look up out of the gre
yness , look around, explore and embrace the life in front of you.

2 Comments on “Don’t Follow the Distraction

  1. YES!!! Spoken so succinctly! Just make THIS comparison: click a “thumbs up” or “like” online OR try having a real likeable conversation with a perfect stranger you happen to see on the walk path that morning, find yourself visiting and talking together. It might even lead to meeting for coffee later that week, or walking together, because you actually DO like each other! This entire life event would be missed if all you had to do was click a “thumbs up” for something they said to someone else about somebody neither one of you knew!

    Yes, I use the internet daily, but have steered away from social media for this very reason. I need interpersonal relationships with people, no matter if one, two, or many…Those leave me with real connection, memories, and anticipations for future connection with that person and others. And guess what? They get that, too! And “so what” that it takes time and maybe even a little effort to pull away from your laptop to actually make some physical connections. A hearty “thumbs up” will never be felt like a hug from someone who actually “likes” you!

    Though I am typing this reply on a blog, I am fortunate to actually KNOW the person I am replying to…not always the case when it comes to blogs 🙂 So I have the best of both worlds! An interpersonal relationship AND the clickity-clack of my fingers typing quickly online with my reply!

    But I wouldn’t trade this for the other if forced to choose. I have lived in both worlds, and continue to find the reality of who and what I see each morning every day as the “reality” I choose to continue living in.

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