Frosty Morning

 I am not a morning person.

Although this morning Archie cat woke me up.  So I got up to open the blinds for him.  Yes he is spoiled. He has two windows and a sliding glass door to look out of, although he wants to look out the bedroom window, so, I open it.  As I am opening the blinds I see how beautiful it is outside.  Frost is all over everything and sparkling in the morning sun.  So, yes, I am up.  Throw on a jacket, boots, and change out the camera lens.

My plan was to keep these all until next Friday.
Although looking through the pictures I had one that I just went, WOW!
So I had to share today.
I hope you enjoy.
It is a dried up sunflower with ice crystals on it.1777 frosty sunflower

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