Photo Friday – March 25th

Happy Photo Friday to you!

Some fun this past week, a lake day, some planting, and some hail.

One of our favorite lakes to go to is Panguitch Lake, the ice is just starting to come off.  And, Louie Dog got his first lake day.  He wasn’t to sure about it.  Lexie Dog will surely show him how fun it is.louie first lake day

3611 panguitch lake 3615 panguitch lake

Lava fields and snow. A combination I wouldn’t have expected to see until we moved to Southern Utah.   A pretty combination.

3648 snow and lava field

Next up a storm came through.  I am done with snow and cold, although we are only in March, so we have warm weather one day and cold snow the next.  Louie Dog got his first hail.  He really is a smart dog, although I had to laugh as he sat in the yard, hail bouncing off his head holding a stick in his mouth.  Just like hmmm.

3788 louie

Looking out over the mountains as the front moved through, the clouds along them made the mountain look like waves.

3787 storm clouds

Some time for planting.  I decided to plant cilantro in a container instead of in he herb garden since container worked best in my first year of planting them.  So let the Spring planting begin.

3723 cilantro

To finish off the week.  Hot Cross Buns.  Recipe here.

3919 hot cross buns



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