Sushi Sunday – December 2015

The First Sunday of the month is here.  Which means Sushi Sunday.
A trip to our local favorite Sushi Restaurant, Ninja.   And, a fun twist for those of you that don’t like Sushi.

This month my Mom joined in on Sushi Sunday.  She likes all kinds of Sushi, and today had a treat of Maguro Sashimi (Tuna). 



As for treats for my son and I we pick the cooked.  This months theme was Unagi (Eel)  Our picks for this month:

XO Roll – my sons pick.  Eel and Avocado wrapped in soy paper and tempura fried with eel sauce and crunchies on top.


Crispy Unagi Roll – Eel and Avocado, wrapped in tempura fried seaweed with eel sauce and masago on top.


NY NY – Unagi, smoked salmon and cream cheese deep fried with eel sauce and mayo on top.  I like the eel sauce and mayo on top, it has a slight spice to it.



December Sushi Finale –
Even if you don’t like sushi, you may like these.
I couldn’t resist making these and having some fun with sushi.
The fun twist on sushi – Candy Sushi.

Made with rice crispy treats, fruit roll ups, licorice,
and of course swedish fish, it is sushi after all.

Enjoy the fun of food!

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