Sushi Sunday and More – March 2016

Happy Sushi Sunday to you.

We decided to try some new items from Ninja this month, and not all sushi.

So, for those of you that don’t like Sushi, and are looking for something to eat while your dining partner eats Sushi, Ninja does have several options.  We found some tasty goodies this month.

Chicken Yakitori – an appetizer of chicken and teriyaki sauce.  This was very tasty and a good portion for an appetizer.  They didn’t skimp on the sauce at all, which we were very happy with.

2693 chicken yakitori

Egg Rolls – Again an appetizer, served with 2 egg rolls cut in half.  These are full of veggies, I can’t confirm if there is any seafood in them, I should have asked although I was just truly enjoying them.  The outside was so light and really crispy.

2678 ninja egg roll

Miso Soup – Basic yet really flavorful and not filling.  This was included with the lunch we ordered.

2681 miso soup

And, of course there must be Sushi.

My son wanted to try Nigiri this month, so we did.

The Nigiri is good and very pretty.  There are raw or cooked options over rice. My son and I both enjoyed them dipped in the soy sauce adding flavor but both agreed we like the rolls better.  The rolls have several layers of flavor and sauces on some.  Although, if you want something basic with mild flavors this would be for you.

Kunsei Sake – Smoked Salmon Nigiri

2696 kunsei saki nigiri

Ebi – Cooked Shrimp Nigiri

2683 ebi nigiri

Our other new adventure.. we saw a picture and wanted to try these yet didn’t know what they were.  Turns out they are called hand rolls.  Again there are options of cooked and raw.  The seafood chosen is rolled into seaweed wrapper.  These were very good, like a seaweed ice-cream cone filled with flavorful goodness.

Spicy Tuna Handroll –  my Mom got this one, she said it was full of flavor, full of tuna all the way to the bottom.  She said it wasn’t to spicy to overpower the flavor of the tuna, yet it had a pretty spicy kick to it.

2687 spicy tuna hand roll

Unagi Maki Handroll – Eel and Cucumber.  This was my choice, it was a beauty.  I do admit I was a little nervous when I saw it that the amount of eel would be to much.  I was happy it wasn’t, the flavor was amazing.  I should have gotten information on what the sauce was, I didn’t think about it until now as I am writing this, I just ate and enjoyed it.  I can try to describe it as maybe and eel sauce, teriyaki sauce, or combination of both.  It had a sweet smokey taste to it. A really good combination with the eel.

2690 unagi maki handroll

Another Sushi Sunday comes to an end.

It is fun trying new things.
I never thought I would like Sushi,
yet now I have Sushi Sunday once a month.
Explore and enjoy the fun of food
and new adventures that if you
take a chance you may find a new fun food.


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