Sushi Sunday – November 2015

Sushi Sunday is here!
I have declared the first Sunday of the month Sushi Sunday!

About a year ago for my Birthday my Mom took me to get Sushi for the first time at our local restaurant Ninja.  It took me a few months before to got my nerve up and to agree to go, I was not sorry.  I really do like it, the cooked anyway.  I have tried a tiny piece of Sashimi, this is the raw, thinly sliced fish.  I admit, I am not a fan.  Although, I know many who love it, so lets just say I am being nice and leaving it all for you to enjoy.

I know many have the opinion that all Sushi is raw.  That really was my opinion until I started looking into Sushi varieties in the United States.  It is true there are many types of sushi rolls that do have raw fish in them, and, I have tried a few.  I would say they have really good flavor, and a buttery smooth texture.  And yes, I can’t get over the thought of it being raw.  I have realized in my adventures of trying different rolls that I like crunchy and chewy over buttery smooth.  So, I always opt for the smoked, cooked creations.

In a description of dinner if I were to say we are having fried shrimp and rice that sounds good.  If I were to say we were having Sushi, you may be repulsed.   I love food, and I am willing to try most things.  Some, well I am never going to try.  Although, with Sushi I am glad I gave it a try.  I have found what varieties I like of it and they are pretty darn good.

My advice is, if you are willing to give Sushi a try,  go with someone who likes Sushi, to a restaurant they have been satisfied with.  Order what sounds good to you, ask clear concise questions and don’t be afraid to voice concerns to your waiter/waitress. Tell them you have never tried it before,  that you don’t know what to expect. In my experience they are very good and helpful for recommending something good to try that.  And, if it turns out you don’t like it your friend will, and you can order a noodle or rice dish to fill your belly.

If you like shrimp, a shrimp tempura roll in my mind is always a good start.  Our local Sushi restaurant has what they call a Phoenix Roll.  Shrimp Tempura, cucumber & cream cheese inside with mango & bonsai sauce on top. I decided to give that a try on our first Sushi Sunday.  It was very good.  The bonsai sauce is a sweet chili sauce, it has a little kick, then the sweetness of the mango kicks in and is a great combination in my opinion.


Enjoy the Fun of Food! 

Join me December 6th, 2015 for our next Sushi Sunday!

What is your favorite sushi? Or, have you never tried it and are willing to try?

Your thoughts

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