Weekly Food Fun – February 8th

Happy Weekly Food Fun to you!

We had  repeat, my son’s new favorite dinner – Yogurt Chicken, we have shortened the name.

The official recipe is called Grilled Chicken Breasts in Spiced Yogurt, recipe here.  My side dish this week is something I really need to make more often.  Fried potatoes with onions.  It is so easy and tasty, and cheap.  Melt butter in frying pan, add garlic, salt, pepper, sliced onions, then sliced potatoes.  Simmer, stir here and there, cook until potatoes are tender.

1674 yogurt chicken

Then it was Super Bowl Sunday.

That means snack day. I don’t know why I need a reason for a snack day.  I am the one that cooks in the house, so I really could make every weekend a snack day.

Although it is fun when there is some sort of event going on.

Chili’s Skillet Queso –  recipe here.
This is my favorite.  I never use as much of the spices as they say, it does get pretty hot.  If I guessed,  I might use half of what this says. I start with a small amount then just add a little more of this and that until I am happy with it.

1970 queso

Any type of little sandwich is always good and easy.  I like the tortilla pinwheels.  Mix up some cream cheese, ranch dressing, mustard, spread on a tortilla, layer meats and cheese, roll.  Then cut it up.  They recommend to roll and put into the refrigerator to set, although I never plan that far ahead.  My edges don’t stick, that is fine, we still gobble them up.  I put them on a plate with a sub dressing and italian dressing. That way each bite has some extra sauce, and not as soggy as if I were to drizzle the sauce on top.

1933 pinwheelsNo snack day in our house is complete without the little sausages in BBQ sauce.  Use whatever BBQ sauce is your favorite, add some grape jelly.  Then I like to add a little garlic powder and onion powder.  Into the crock pot to stay hot all afternoon.

2042 sausage

Enjoy the fun and the adventures of food!


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