Weekly Food Fun – April 11th & Recipe Finds of the Week

Happy Food Fun to You!

I hope you enjoyed some food fun this week.

We order food once a month from Alison’s Pantry They had two new sauce/marinade options this month and I was excited to try them.  My first adventure was with the Roasted Garlic.  Covered pork wrapped in bacon with Minor’s Roasted Garlic sauce, Worcestershire and Pepper.  I cooked it in the cast iron skillet in butter and lard. Finished cooking in the oven with a pork stock, yogurt mixture.

4552 pork marinade

The finished meal. With a side of garlic noodles and butter beans.

4557 garlic pork

Pasta!  I must have pasta, it is always so good.  This week I found a new recipe that puts the uncooked pasta, sauce in the crock pot.  Recipe here.  Our family was very happy, even having seconds for dinner.  I did add ground beef to the basic recipe.  And since I didn’t have ricotta cheese, I used chopped mozzarella cheese with some plain yogurt.  It added a nice creamy texture. I will certainly make it again.

4583 pasta

I bought a 20 lb. bag of the rice at our local grocery case lot sale.  It is always good to have on hand, except I always tend to burn it.  I am just not good at monitoring the stove for 30-45 minutes.  I tend to start working on something and before I know it, well, burnt.  I was looking online for a rice cooker, when a pressure cooker showed up. I had found a recipe for cooking rice in a pressure cooker, recipe here.  Would it really work??  And why did I never think of it before??

Rice, you will no longer be my burnt enemy!

4590 rice

It turned out amazing, sticky, moist rice.
Done in only 13 minutes.  Three minutes monitoring the pressure.  Then ten minutes of no heat and slow pressure release.  Done.  I am so thrilled.  Plus I like a sticky texture to rice.

Now onto my dinner plan, my second adventure with Alison’s Pantry new sauces.  This meal used the Cilantro Lime.  I cooked the chicken in olive oil with salt, pepper and garlic.  Once almost done added some chicken stock and the marinade along with a little extra lime juice.  Let it continue to cook until the sauce thickened and the chicken was done.  Very nice creamy flavor to the sauce.

4602 cilantro lime chicken

A desert is always food fun.
I made extra biscuits over the weekend so I could make a version of strawberry shortcake with them.  Warm biscuit covered with honey butter, fresh strawberry jam and whipped cream.

4571 strawerry biscuit

Enjoy the fun of food.

A new addition to my weekly food fun will be a few weekly recipe finds.
Recipes I want to make, yet didn’t get to this week.  Or in the case of the Grilled Carrots and Greek Chicken wrap I am waiting for the garden goodies to come in. I will certainly share my pictures and thoughts when I do make them.  If you make them before me please let me know how you liked them.

Grilled Carrots with Traditional Danish Blue – from Castello Cheese

Balsamic Raspberry Garlic Chicken – from The Kitchen Divas

Greek Chicken Wrap – from Taste and Tell

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